Rapper Jacki-O

As with some of the other leaked nude photo victims, some dont know who Jacki-O is. Well, Jacki-O is a Miami rapper that got the attention of many with her 2003 hit “Nookie“. As soon as she got some buzz, she immediately had beefs with Trina and Khia. Oddly, those two had their own nudity issues – Namely, Trina’s Pussy and Khia’s Titties. Jacki-O did have another song worthy of mention, “Sugar Walls” back in 2004. She also did a photo shoot for Smooth Magazine.

Jacki-O Topless Cellphone Pics



I cant call it. Yea, they are fake titties and who ever it is has a tattoo on her waist… Basically that describes 7 out of 10 strippers I know.