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Trina Nude Pics

Rapper Trina Nude Pics

Once again the invention of the century has blessed us with some black celebrity pussy. Lets see we had Cassie nude pictures, then we saw Rhianna nude pics, NOW we have Trina’s nude cellphone pics!

Back story: Trina announced that her cell phone was stolen during the taping of BET’s rip the runway. Next thing ya know some dude who says he is from Atlanta found the cell phone and wants $100k sent to his paypal account for its return. That shit there is straight comedy. Anyways, dude released a video of the pictures her found on Trina’s cell phone. His voice is altered on the video, chopped and screwed, so you cant tell who it is for sure. Who ever it is – they are angry. So could it be an ex-boyfriend? Who knows… All I know is Im happy I got a chance to see a pictures of Trina’s pussy and Trina’s tits.

Trina in her bra and panties posing for a cell phone picture

Rapper Trina topless cellphone picture

Rapper Trina takes a topless picture of her small A cup titties with her cell phone.

Trina’s pussy picture from the stolen cellphone

Trina uses her cell phone to snap a picture of her shaved pussy.

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