The 50 Cent-Fat Joe beef heated up at tonight¬Āfs MTV Video Music Awards. The words started when Fat Joe was presenting an award and ended with : I just wanna say how safe I feel in here tonight with all of this police presence courtesy of G-Unit. The remarks were surprising because in his diss song “Fuck 50” in response to 50’s “Piggy Bank”, Fat Joe says: I’m gonna respond one time, one time only”.

Later in the night, 50 Cent was ending his set of “So Seductive” with Tony Yayo when the pair unleashed a bevy of expletives on Fat Joe. The high standards of MTV prevented most of the content from getting through and it was censored. What made it through was something like this: “Fat Joe is a pussy. Fuck Fat Joe. He is a Fuckboy. What? What?” A couple sentences were completely blanked out.

During the last rant the VMA cameras went to Kanye West who was standing up in the crowd. The censors prevented us from here whether any of the expletives were directed at Kanye, but it wouldn’t be unheard of. Kayne has a song, Crack Music, featuring 50’s former friend Game on his new album. The beef with Fat Joe originated when Joe was featured on “New York” with Fifty enemy Ja Rule. Is this a case of the friend of my enemy is also my enemy?