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Mimi Faust Sextape

Reality tv star Mimi Faust has something new to add to her film resume’… She sucking dick and getting fucked doggystyle in her very own sex tape! Oh yea, the “Love & Hip Hop” star vixen made a flick she made with Nikko Smith (co-star of the show).


Mimi Faust’s Hardcore Sex Tape Pictures

Mimi Faust’s Hardcore Sex Tape Exclusive Trailer

  • #1 | Written by Pamela Risen on April 14, 2014. Reply

    Leave Mimi alone she’s doing what she wants and she’s not hurting anybody. Who said that she’s doing this for money she could be doing it because she enjoys it. She don’t represent all black women, she only represent herself and if this is what she chose, it’s her decision.

    • #2 | Written by Mirror on April 15, 2014. Reply

      Really u said she isnt hurtin anybody..U forgot she has a daughter & I have 2 daughters & 2 sons & I be damned if they walkin in on me in action in my bed room…so hell the fuck yes she is hurtin somebody..her Damn child, she is hurtin her!! WIse up MiMi

      • #3 | Written by Lek on April 15, 2014. Reply

        Bitch shut yo dumbass up maybe if u stop doin action you wouldnt have 4 children

      • #4 | Written by Kisha Ashe on April 20, 2014. Reply

        The have not walked in on you yet me and my husband have 7 no one attends for their child to walk in on them. She is grown shit happens maybe at the time she thought it was the right idea because she was in the moment. She is human now she just needs to flip this because I want a Mimi Faust shower pole and that to your brand

  • #5 | Written by Tracey May on April 14, 2014. Reply

    Wat in the heck is wrong wit Mimi???? She can’t be that hard up for money, she’s on the show so she is makin some kind of money. Did she forget that she has a daughter? Black women have to stop exploiting themselves like this!!!!! She can’t be anything better than a porn star? Her self-esteem must be at an all-time low. I can’t believe her and she got a nerve talkin about Joselyn. Even she didn’t do anything like that for money, if she did, she didn’t show it to the world. Mimi get urself together and realize that there are some things in life that’s more important than money. Black women have been look at with this prospective for years and here you are confirmin it. Strong black women don’t do things like this!!! If this man brings out this type of behavior out in you, you need to leave him alone. Remember… his name will remain the same while yours will be changed to every insultin one that people can think of. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR URSELF, IF NOT FOR U, THEN FOR UR DAUGHTER. Did it ever dawn on you that she may see this tape one day?? I wonder what you will say to her to make her look at you the same way she did before she found out!!

  • #6 | Written by Ashanti on April 14, 2014. Reply

    You look good doing it girl! You got a plan to explain your passion to your child, then fuck the world!

  • #7 | Written by Capricorn diva on April 15, 2014. Reply

    OMG can’t wait till the full tape comes out I’m the first one on the list to but it love what I seen so far you go ms lady it looks like he does the job real well

  • #8 | Written by Dee on April 15, 2014. Reply

    For those of you who say that she is wrong for doing this, shut the fuck up. I’m pretty sure all of you have done something that was right to you, but wrong from someone else’s perspective. Her daughter doesn’t see it and it’s her life. Plenty of parents do stuff that their children don’t see, and some do it in front of their children, so leave her the fuck alone and let her live here life the way she wants.

  • #9 | Written by LaToya on April 15, 2014. Reply

    This Was Very Sexy..! Her Pussy Looks Amazing.!

  • #10 | Written by Abornewords on April 15, 2014. Reply

    Look! What’s to do about this is that these are people we know, have made a connection with or otherwise are influenced by positively. Seriously, I have not watched porn since way back when, unless rated R movies and guy cheeks count for something more than a pair of breast. I would love to see someone I know having sex! When it goes up for sale, I will be buying and yes I do wish it was Stevie J. in the drivers seat, but who knows, he may have been behind the camera. Don’t underestimate her feeling for Stevie! I don’t care who he’s with. Mimi is caught up and now we get to see her getting sexed up! Applause! #Abornewords (Nicole Kim Phillips wrote this)?

  • #11 | Written by Darryl on April 15, 2014. Reply

    No need in hating on her… She has a great body and she’s with her man. I don’t see anything wrong with this nor should we. Now if it was the rest of the male cast in on this video then we’d have a problem. Agree??? I will purchase me a copy for my video library when this video is released later this month.

  • #12 | Written by Dollyann Perez on April 15, 2014. Reply

    I really feel bad for her daughter, I would feel discusted of my mom seeing her in action like this. You think of your mom as a Saint not a Porn star. Wow she is an example for her daughter and this is no good for her to hear and see this. Of course there bitches that are going to agree with my comment and theres people that are first mother than a women that will take my side.

  • #13 | Written by BuFF BlooDs on April 15, 2014. Reply

    Look like she got that good wetlands, surfboards surfboards, Grinding on that wood, grinding on that big body lol, gotta love it..

  • #14 | Written by PIMPTYPE on April 18, 2014. Reply


    • #15 | Written by Juan X on July 25, 2017. Reply

      They’re in a relationship c’mon now

  • #16 | Written by lol on February 8, 2015. Reply

    She didnt u a condom surprised she aint pregnant

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