After messing up a major drug bust in New York City, two African American FBI agents (who are also brothers), Marcus and Kevin Copeland (Shawn and Marlon Wayans), try to impress their boss by volunteering to protect the Wilton Sisters, Tiffany (Dudek) and Brittany (Ward), the heiresses of a hotel empire, from a kidnapping scheme during a short trip from JFK to the Hamptons. Deciding to change the strategy drastically, the brothers use themselves as bait, wearing lots of pale makeup and dresses to pass as the Wilton sisters, while the real sisters are hidden away, safe from harm. Now, the agents just have to convince the world (including their coworkers who are now protecting *them* and the Wiltons’ friends and family) that they’re actually young, rich, white heiresses.

Congrats to the Wayans, their movie was #2 in the box office. It pulled in $27+ Million so far.