When Todd Anderson (Storm P) is chosen as the #1 professional basketbal draft pick and signs to play for his home team, the New Jersey Nets, for $30 million, he finds that his newfound wealth means his relationships with the people in his life is bound to change. This becomes evident when he decides to throw the sort of family/neighborhood cookout his family has always had during the summer at his new house in a stuffy white neighborhood, which means that there’s going to be more than one type of culture clash, between his new and old friends, and those who like him for him, and those who like him for his money. The event is timed to coincide with Todd’s first endorsement deal announcement, which only accentuates the difference between his roots and his newfound fame. Watching over the proceedings is the neighborhood association’s security guard (Queen Latifah), who’s there to make none of their rules get broken… although that is certainly guaranteed with Todd’s rowdy family and friends in attendance.