Can tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams score a ratings ace?

That’s what ABC Family TV is hoping for as it unveils a brand-new reality series starring the sibling tennis champions.

According to the network, the yet-to-be-titled series will follow the sisters around and unveil the details of their formerly private personal lives.

“The series will provide our fans with an up-close, inside look at our lives away from the tennis courts,” Venus said in a statement.

“We’re very excited to branch out into a new medium,” added Serena.

The six-episode series, which will bow in July on the family-friendly network, will feature the dynamic tennis duo “coming of age, as they find their place in the world outside of tennis,” per a release from the network.

Until now, the William sisters have been known for their quirky fashion sense, aggressive tennis styles and record championship titles, often coming up against each other in tournament play.

Between them, they have 11 major singles titles. Currently, Serena is ranked at No. 4 on the pro circuit and Venus is rolling in at No. 8, though both have held the top slot at one time or another.

It appears that the sisters aren’t satisfied with just breaking into television, however. They have also co-written an book for pre-teens called Venus and Serena: Serving From the Hip: 10 Rules for Living, Loving, and Winning.

“It’s a great book for teenage girls who deal with different issues,” Serena said in a statement. “Growing up, I would have loved to have had such a positive role model to look up to and try to be like and try to emulate. We love having that opportunity to say, ‘Look, you can be like us; you can be successful and at the same time have high morals and high self-esteem and be a very nice person at the end of the day.'”

Lest fans forget, the Williams sisters are still playing tennis. This week, they’re taking the court in Key Biscayne for the NASDAQ-100 Open. Both sisters won their matches Sunday and are moving on to the next round.