James died in his sleep at his residence near Universal City, said publicist Sujata Murthy. James lived alone and was found dead by his personal assistant, who notified police, she said.

I can still remember my pops raving about Rick James when I was a kid. Even though Rick died early at 56, no one can deny that he lived a full life. He had plenty of ups and downs to last a normal person a lifetime. His constant struggle with substance abuse was the only thing that kept him in the headlines as much as his music did.

Rick James leaped back on the scene with the help of comedian Dave Chappelle. The “I’m Rick James Bitch!” phrase propelled James back into daily conversations instantly.

It was everywhere!

As recently as the 2004 BET Awards Rick James stole the show… He had me rolling.

Sadly, he is no longer with us… R.I.P. “Super Freak”