Cam’ron has just fired another lyrical round at Jay-Z via his own remix of Yung Joc’s “It’s Going Down.”

“Player hater I don’t play them games/you got beef with Killa, nigga… say my name/you shy?/snortin wrong/or they recorded wrong/my paper long/I pee on any resort you’re on,” Killa spits early in the verse.

Cam also tells Hov to get off “[Young] Jeezy’s dick and Rick Ross’ shit,” claims President Carter only goes back to his hometown Marcy on Christmas Day and compares his retirement to Michael Jordan joining the Washington Wizards.

The song features Cam on the first verse and still uses Yung Joc’s hook as well as his second and third verse. This marks the third cut Cam has released against Jay. Earlier this year, he released “You Got It” and “Swagger Jacker.” He later mocked Jay in his “Touch It Or Not” video. Killa Cam had alluded to having several dis songs in the chamber, but kept them on hold until Jigga’s recent “Hustlin” remix verse.

After giving Cam the silent treatment for months, Jay recently took subliminal stabs towards the Harlemite on Rick Ross’ “Hustlin” remix. Though he doesn’t mention Cam by name, Hov directly answers several shots taken by Cam, including references to Hov wearing open toe sandals and claims that the gunman that shot Cam put up a diamond sign before pulling the trigger.