Jamie Foxx is the latest star to have his bedroom life become public after a Las Vegas construction worker discovered a box of 90 sexually explicit photos featuring the actor. Mark Pithian, 40, says he found the pictures — which allegedly depict the actor in sexual situations with an unidentified woman and by himself — in the garbage outside Foxx’s Las Vegas home.

Pithian claims that on Wednesday, Aug. 4, two men, “Lamont” and “Greg Chambers,” entered his apartment and demanded the “naked pictures” of Foxx, according to a Las Vegas police report on website TheSmokingGun.com,

At the time, Pithian denied having the photos, which led the men to argue and then begin throwing furniture at him. Pithian, who was treated for minor injuries at Sunrise hospital, is currently trying to peddle the revealing photos through an agent to the tabloids.

The 36-year-old Foxx’s film credits include in “Any Given Sunday,” “Ali,” “Breakin’ All the Rules” and “Collateral,” in theaters now. He next stars in the Ray Charles biopic “Ray,” which opens nationwide on Friday, Oct. 29