This was the first year I watched the BET awards and it was pretty good. I laughed at some points and was even embarassed for the people on stage at other times.

Monique & the other big girls tore it up with that dancing at the beginning.

Im Rick James BITCH had me laughing hard. It looked like Rick was high on some shit. Buddy looked bad. Teena or Tina Marie wasnt much better, baby girl if you gonna be on TV… work it out. That gut had more camera time than you did.

It was cool to see 80’s hiphop represented: Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh killed. Public Enemy (Flava looks like a base-head) McLyte was looking good too. I wish they had more female rappers up there. (Salt n Pepa or Roxanne or somebody)

Jay Z performance was weak. Kid Rock forgot the words and utterly made it worst.

Janet Jackson can do no wrong in my eyes, so… She did good.

G-Unit? Zzzzzzzz, boring ass mofos.

I wished Outkast had a better performance also, maybe they werent really into or something.

Alicia Keys: Tight

Kanye/Yolanda Adams: Tight

Mase: Still slow

Raven Simone: Got fat as hell…. Daaaayyyyyuuuuuuummmm!

Vivica: Looked good, she needs to chill on the surgery tho’ – Titties is enough, now she fucking with her nose.

Jackie Reed: Baby girl has the titties hanging out last night. I had no idea she was packing like that. Shits look heavy as fuck.

Great show overall, congrats to BET for doing the damn thang!

Here’s a complete list of winners from the 2004 BET Awards:

Video of the Year: OutKast, “Hey Ya!”

Group: OutKast

Male R&B Artist: Usher

Female R&B Artist: Beyonce

Male Hip-Hop Artist: Jay-Z

Female Hip-Hop Artist: Missy Elliott

Collaboration: Beyonce with Jay-Z, “Crazy in Love”

New Artist: Kanye West

Gospel Artist: Yolanda Adams

Actor: Denzel Washington

Actress: Halle Berry

Male Athlete of the Year: LeBron James

Female Athlete of the Year: Serena Williams

Viewer’s Choice: Usher, featuring Ludacris and Lil Jon, “Yeah!”