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If you are anything like me then you get tired of seeing the same ‘ol porn hoes getting fucked in every movie. I want to see everyday black hoodrats and black college girls sucking dick and shaking their asses. I went out on a mission to find pretty black girls to do just that! You would be surprised how many females want to show their freaky side to the world. About 10 years ago I started SynC’s Black Amateurs to show off some of the fine black ass from the dirty south. Most of my girls have never been seen on the internet before. All fresh booty. There are of few of them that went on to do more porn on other websites though.

Homemade Black Porn

Homemade or homegrown means the same thing. Its porn made by amateurs for the love of showing off instead of profit. The best homegrown comes from places like Facebook or YouTube. Sites like these are breeding grounds for exhibitionist and freaks. All women like showing off. All women like attention (no matter what they say). The easiest way for a woman to get a gang of dudes lusting after her is taking a half naked picture of herself and posting it on the internet. That is what makes the web so great. You’d be lucky if you ever saw a black woman waking naked down the street, but on the internet it happens every day. These hoes aren’t satisfied with local dudes wanting to fuck them – They want the world!! I will admit, most of the females doing this are not 30+, they are college aged teens.

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Who am I? I go by “The Dawg”. What do I do? I make black amateur porn movies. My website for these flicks is Dawg Films.Com. I spend most of my time visiting black spring break events. Chasing hoes around with my camera getting them to flash their black tits, pussy and ass. How do I get these random hoes to show me their shit? Its all in the way I talk to them. Well that and my irresistible swag.

Black Spring Break DVDs

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