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The talk around the water cooler today says that UFC Octagon girl Chandella Powell was fired for not disclosing her past life. The word is that Chandella was previously a softcore porn model named “Mariah Ashton”. So, you can’t be a RING GIRL if you aren’t squeaky clean? Thats a wild judgement call there. I wish people would stop all of the “holier than thou” bullshit and let people live. I can see if she was moonlighting NOW, but it was in her past (2007)… Fucking prudes.

Here are some of the pictures, take a look and judge for yourself.

Mariah Ashton (a/k/a Chandella Powell?) Pictures

Mariah Ashton Porn Picture Gallery #1

Mariah Ashton Porn Picture Gallery #2

Shark ass tattoo with split tongue coming out of the ass

So, its your third date she is going to let you hit it. After all the foreplay and teasing its time to get down to business. She takes off her shirt, then her panties… Turns around for you to hit it doggystyle and you see THIS!

Whats your next move?

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