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Cellphones allow us to capture our lives with pictures or videos in an instant. Did you know a black man invented the cellphone? Yes, his name was Henry T. Sampson. Mobile phones paired with the internet allows us to send information quickly worldwide. Of course people will always find a way to use technology for sexual purposes. I love the fact that a bored college girl in North Carolina can sit in her dorm room and play with herself, record it and send it to me. She does not have to show her face and I don’t have to know her name. Its all anonymous and both of us are happy. Now of course recording things like this on your cell has risks. If you drop your phone in the grocery store… BAM, all your business is out there in the street. Some perverted minds have begun using this on porn sites. Uploading video of stolen videos of women in sex acts, dancing and stripping. Take a look… you might see someone you know! True homegrown, home made porn!

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