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During the halftime break of the Raiders / Chargers game I checked the latest haps on the net. I click a link…

Did I… just… see… Khrysti Hill’s asshole?!?!?!

You know its a recession when the females starting doing a lot more for that all mighty dollar.

Alas – I am here to share the spoils with you my brothers! Let your eyes feast upon the glory which is Khrysti Hill’s asshole. Now, I was shocked back in February when I saw Khrysti’s pussy through her lace panties. But – After that I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw more. Today, my friends… is that day. She also unleashed those big ass titties too. You can’t hide those mammories behind a few bubbles girl! Check when she is spreading her cheeks, you’ll see that pussy peeking out at you.

Watch – Enjoy – Fap – Be Merry!

See more of my future wife Khrysti Hill at Blue Star Live.


One of my favorite dancers Jhonni Blaze has died of an overdose. I can’t call it for sure, but if it is true my condolences to her family and friends. Over the years I have gotten pretty close to countless dancers and I can tell you their lives are not glamorous. They look and smell nice but their lives outside of the club are often grim. Drinking alcohol nightly and occasional drug use in not uncommon.

From posts on her twitter account, she was beefing with Ayisha Diaz.


Update: Jhonni Blaze has re-appeared on her account saying that her page was hacked. Believe that shit if you want… File this under: Attention Whoring.

-1 JB.

The Net’s most delectable black model has finally put out some work were I can see than pussy. Even if its for a split second, through mesh in a smoke filled room, with pepper spray in my eyes – Im happy. You see how she looking at me at the end of the video? Damn, I wanna just dive into her like Neo did at the end of the Matrix.

See all of the videos at Blue Star Live.

Nothing beats a bored female at home with a video camera. Naked, in heels with a great body. Those legs need me between them. Peep that hairy pussy when she walks back to the camera.

Ladies, contact me if you want your videos posted here also.

Ooo Weee! Look at this smooth, thick black ass. Skin is flawless and she knows how to make that ass bounce. Watch when she gets on the bed… Damn, I really wanna get behind THAT!

** Video was shot on a phone, so part of it is sideways…

YouTube is a great site, but they are quick to pull the plug on adult themed videos. I know this first hand because my black spring break videos have been deleted on several occasions. I really think it was a jealous webmaster flagging my shit though (Thats a story for another day). I saw this video and KNEW they would yank it, so I saved it to share with the fam.


Man, look here – There aint a damn thing I wouldn’t do to this chick. Her name is Jhonni Blaze and guess what – Im now an addict. Masterful ass and thighs. I dont have much else to say (and that’s saying a fucking lot!)… Just watch and drool with me.

I have NO PROBLEM letting people know I love hanging with strippers. They are cool people (in short doses, but that a story for another day). If you have ever had the pleasure of having a soft, jiggly ass slapping your thighs, you haven’t lived yet. Smelling like Victoria Secret, Ciroc and cigarette smoke.

Watch this clip and tell me you dont wanna hit the club TONIGHT!

LOL, I love it. Check these dudes breaking out the camera phones and taking pics with her. Fuck what ya heard, big black girls can be sexy – and they do fuck. Get one your team (even as a jumpoff), you will be glad you did. Spicee had a gang of dudes around her at Summer Jam too!

This is not a fluke or a rare happening. This is why black women are on the top of the fine ass woman chart. That ass is mesmerizing. If I could… just… grab it. Ah… soft.

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