Address: 6673 Theodore Dawes Rd, Mobile, Alabama, 36582
Phone: 251-591-5146
Hours: Tues-Sat 9pm-3am
Nudity: Full Nudity

Mike’s Crossroads
Address: 100 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama, 35204
Phone: 205-251-1453
Nudity: Topless

The Foxx Trap
Address: 400 2nd Ave North, Birmingham, Alabama, 35204
Phone: 205-214-7034
Hours: 12pm-4am
Nudity: Topless

Club Volcano
Address: 514 19th Street, Birmingham, Alabama, 35218
Phone: 205-781-0770
Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-4am Sat-Sun 8pm-4am
Nudity: Topless

Ebony Club
Address: 176 Cable Cir SW, Huntsville, Alabama, 35756
Phone: 256-461-9223
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-2am
Nudity: Topless

The Palace
Address: 610 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama, 35203
Phone: 205-322-7348
Hours: 4PM-2AM
Nudity: Topless