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I know you have seen them… Women walking down the street at 3am. You can best believe they aren’t waiting for the bus. They are looking to make a couple dollars by sucking your dick and fucking you. Some of these women will do you for $10 or $20. For $10 you are not going to get a supermodel, you will get a street walker addicted to crack or meth. Black Vagina Finder strolls the streets looking for these women and captures it all on video! These women are an acquired taste, some are hairy, pregnant, bad surgery scars or just rough looking. Some are surprisingly decent, check out this pregnant black prostitute. Not sure if she was new to the streets or just needed a couple bucks.

Black prostitute picture courtesy of Black Vagina Finder.

Black Vagina Finder

No other site on the net is as RAW as this one when it comes to real black prostitutes on the street. No photoshop, no glamour, just real crackheads hustling for a few dollars.

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There are all kinds of women make money from selling their pussy. Escorts is the “classier” way of saying it, but they are all tricks in my book. Pick up any local nightlife paper and you’ll find them all over the classified section. I have met my share of escorts and strippers. Every single stripper I have met is for sale and they are worth the money too. Lots of fun and they keep me on my game because they are master hustlers. Almost every escort I met had a sob story about how their last boyfriend did them wrong. In my line of business all these stories start to sound the same. I have met some girls that were really down on their luck and I tried my best to help them, but most are lost causes. Sadly, no matter how hard to try to be a captain save a hoe, they will always revert. Enjoy their company and then move on.

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  • #1 | Written by Benny on June 27, 2013. Reply

    Lovely ladies, I must say. Weathered, beaten, but still on the road for that extra mileage.

  • #2 | Written by prince ken on December 19, 2013. Reply

    i need hot sex how can i get one of the fat grannies of 40 to 65

  • #3 | Written by sash on May 9, 2015. Reply

    i nid horny wives

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