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Black Lesbian Sex

Black Lesbian Sex

When I was in high school there were not that many open lesbians I knew of. The only ones I saw were on the girl’s soccer or basketball team. Now, most of the females I come in contact with have some sort of girl girl action they participate in. I know you have seen it. A group of girls hanging out a the club when one of crew starts wildin’ and dancing. Whats the first thing that her girls do? They start slapping her on the ass. Don’t let her titties pop out – then they start laughing and grabbing on her. In another scenario when the girls are drunk they start kissing and fondling each other. This tells me that they are attracted to other women either consciously or subconsciously. I love it either way… Im the one that’s always hyping them up and egging them on. It has been said that a woman knows how a woman wants to be touched. Knowing this, its understandable how women become lesbians or at least bi-sexual.

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