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Black Spring Break Daytona Pics

Black Spring Break a/k/a Black College Reunion

Count yourself lucky if you are old enough to have experienced the rawness, the wildness, the shear scope of the ass tsunami that is Black College Reunion. A massive sea of black college kids swarmed onto the sandy shores of Daytona Beach, FL to conduct some major fornication. Yes, thats right it was a huge titty flashing, groping sex fest and I enjoyed ever minute of it. I met girls from all over the country and some even from over seas. It was fun to ask a female “Where you from?” She would say “Texas”, then I would proceed to grab on some Texas ass. “Mmmm, now I’ve felt on some Longhorn state ass.” They would laugh and then keep it moving. The girls came to have fun and showed it in every possible way. You would not believe the amount of free loose pussy that came to BCR. 10 years of vanglorious ( I see you Bone Crusher ), live and direct black girls gone wild shit. Today, things have become too damn P.C. and the girls dont get as wild as they used to. The only event that has some fire these days is Urban Beach Week in Miami. I attend and I get new quality ass every year.

Black Spring Break Pictures

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Black College Reunion Pictures

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