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Since I added the “Ask Dr. Dawg” option to my contact form, I have been getting some interesting emails. I will be answering some of these questions from time to time on the blog. I will not post your name or email address, so feel free to submit a question.

Question: Why wont my lady suck my dick anymore? My lady has been on strike as of late. We been going out for about 8 months now and at the beginning she was giving me head before we fucked all the time. About 2 months ago I noticed she stopped. Now when I ask she be making excuses.

First thing you should do is check yourself. Has anything changed in the past few months that would cause her to back off?

I have been making porn movies for a while, so I have seen this unfold in front of me a few times. On one shoot, the girl was licking and sucking on the guy like she didn’t know how. I had to stop her, pull her to the side and ask what the problem was. She came out and told me point blank that “The dude was stank”. I apologized and told the guy the shoot was off for the day. He told me he caught a few buses to get to the office… So he was sweaty. I never told him why we stopped that day but that instantly became something I had to bring up before every shoot.


  • It is summertime, make sure you are fresh. You can’t expect a woman to plant her face in your crotch with it smelling like old cabbage. I know some women like funk, but I’m guessing your lady ain’t into that.
  • Stop eating bitter shit like asparagus and pickles. Drink pineapple juice and she’ll appreciate the taste.
  • Go down on her, show her that you’d like the same treatment.
  • Ask her. Don’t wait until you are in the bedroom about to get down… that may be a mood killer. When you are watching tv or walking somewhere just ask “Baby, why aren’t you sucking my dick like you use to?” Who knows – You may get an honest answer.

The worst case scenario is that she might not like sucking dick or how cum tastes. Women do a lot of freaky, nasty things that they may not enjoy just for the sake of pleasing their men. Your lady might not be feeling you like that – Yet. If all else fails… It may be time to move on. It is a known fact that sexual incompatibility can/will ruin a relationship.

Good luck.

*Disclaimer: I am not really a doctor, I just play one on the internet. Advice given is my opinion and should not be taken as gospel.

The most important thing in any man’s life is his ability to perform. Not only in the business world but also the bedroom. We all know of the drugs that to assist you in getting it up and keeping it up, namely Viagra and Cialis.

Try adding these to your daily routine to have that rock hard erection you used to have in the morning when you were younger.

Get Healthy and Eat Better

Doing exercises that elevates your hearth rate for at least 30 minute a day will help keep your arteries healthy and your heart strong. Avoid bad fats. Fats can block your arteries which will decrease blood flow which can lead to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can also make a man impotent. A healthy body makes for a healthy sex life. This should be all the reason you need to make lifestyle changes including getting checked out by a doctor. Make sure you include blood work to see what you need to do to improve your health.


To improve erectile performance you must improve the blood flow. Foods rich in L-Arginine are: Granola, Walnuts, Soybeans, Oatmeal, Peanuts, Garlic, Ginseng, Cashews and Sunflower seeds.
* Since your body makes L-Arginine there is no recommend daily dose.


Zinc is essential for sex because it is needed for the production of testosterone. A good source of Zinc is fish oils found in oysters and other shellfish.
* The recommended daily dose is: 30mg


Nitrates cause blood vessels to open and increase blood flow. Foods high in nitrates are: Leafy greens like celery and spinach. Today’s erectile dysfunction drugs are based on the effects of nitrates.


The flavonoids in dark chocolate improve circulation. Flavinoids are natural antioxidants that protect against toxins and help repair cell damage. They can also help decrease cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


Phytonutrients is the antioxidant found in watermelons. This will help relax the blood vessels that send blood to your erection and its also good for your heart.


Another good aid for blood circulation is found in red fruits like tomatoes and grapefruits. Next time you have a salad, keep this in mind. Lycopene is also known to help fight prostate cancer.

Good luck.


1. Spontaneous Sex — Back row at an afternoon movie, bathroom at a club, stairwell at work. Your special someone comes over to the office for lunch wearing a sexy dress and smelling better than pancakes on a Sunday morning. You want to fuck or at least get your dick sucked, but there are people all around. Can’t do shit in the elevator because of the cameras, so you decide to take it to the stairwell. Stairwells are great because of the echo. You can here doors open or someone walking on the stairs. Backup against the door and tell her to get on her knees and put a spit shine on your dick. Its hot, its dangerous (as far as losing your job) and its adventurous.

2. Grunge Sex — You just came in from doing yard work. She just finished working out. Both of you are sweaty and stinking. You spot her ass cheeks peeking out of her spandex shorts and move in for a quick feel. She likes the smell of your sweat and instantly gets turned on. All kinds of body fluids everywhere and you just don’t give a shit. You pull down her shorts, bend her over and beast fuck her for a quick 2 minutes and then off to the showers.

3. Angry Sex — She pisses you off and in the middle of the argument your brain just clicks. You are mad, but you want to fuck her. You move in, pull her close and lift up her shirt. You vice grip those titties to inflict some pain. She moans with pleasure and then you both know whats next. Get those clothes off and long dick her. While fucking her from the back you are trying to push your dick out her mouth. Yea, that’s how deep you are pushing. After the session is done, you both got out your frustrations and all it right in the world.

4. Loving Sex — These normally happen on special occasions: birthdays, wedding nights and anniversaries. She is happy to have you, you are happy she is so sexy… I like to call this “connection sex”. When you both are tuned into each other emotionally as well as physically. Looking into each other eyes, sweet delicate kisses, caressing and soft whispers. You might even hear an “I love you” during the session.

5. Revenge Sex — Although controversial, it still happens. You found out she gave up the ass to some dude from work. You break it off with her and need to get her back. You call up her best friend and plant the seed that you want to tap that. She secretly wanted to sample you all along and agrees. You meet up at the hotel and fuck like you just got home from a 10 year bid. Lay back on the bed while your ex-girl’s best friend walks to the bathroom and say “Yea… Fuck that bitch.” (Of course this can be applied to a jilted woman also) Some even take it a step further by taking pictures and posting it on the internet.

— Honorable Mentions —

Married Sex – you get it when she feels like it, or, until you try getn on it for a week straight, and she eventually gives in, like mercy sex. ~ BigPunz of PeoplesBoard

Crazy Bitch Sex – that shit is prolly #1,,, if there’s a God above, he’s got a damn good sense of humor,,, because crazy bitches (who you have no damn business even mingling with) have the most fire pussy in the world! ~ Gameboy of BGOL.

Drunk Sex – Most people on this board was conceived off drunk sex! ~ Porn_hunter of BGOL

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