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Mimi Faust Sextape

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Mimi Faust, star of tv reality series “Love & Hip Hop” has made her porn debut by signing off on a flick she made with Nikko Smith (co-star of the show).

Most are used to see her like this:


but now… Get used to seeing her like this!


Visit for more pictures, VIDEO TRAILER and the latest information on Mimi’s new porn career.

Update: A source close to Vivid Entertainment reportedly disclosed the amount Mimi Faust received for her sextape: a measly $225,000. Kim Kardashian got $5 million and Farrah Abraham got $1.5 million.


During the halftime break of the Raiders / Chargers game I checked the latest haps on the net. I click a link…

Did I… just… see… Khrysti Hill’s asshole?!?!?!

You know its a recession when the females starting doing a lot more for that all mighty dollar.

Alas – I am here to share the spoils with you my brothers! Let your eyes feast upon the glory which is Khrysti Hill’s asshole. Now, I was shocked back in February when I saw Khrysti’s pussy through her lace panties. But – After that I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw more. Today, my friends… is that day. She also unleashed those big ass titties too. You can’t hide those mammories behind a few bubbles girl! Check when she is spreading her cheeks, you’ll see that pussy peeking out at you.

Watch – Enjoy – Fap – Be Merry!

See more of my future wife Khrysti Hill at Blue Star Live.

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