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SynC’s Black Amateurs

Black Amateurs

Back in 1997, there weren’t any black websites dedicated to black amateurs. Actually, it was hard to find a website with just black women on it at all. Everything was scanned pictures from old Playboy magazines and such. I did find some pictures out there, but I had to sift through hundreds to do so. This is why SynC’s was created. I started recruiting my own black girls to take pictures and video of. I picked up women from bus stops, malls, restaurants and strip clubs. It was a lot of fun and that’s how I got started in the porn business. I have all types of girls on the site: Regular, BBWs, strippers, lesbians and hardcore fucking.

Sample Video From SynC’s

Hardcore Sample Video From SynC’s

* Yes, that is me talking… Just screwing around.

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