Terrell Owens has gone from stomping on the Dallas Cowboys’ star logo to wearing it on his helmet.

The reviled receiver joined the Cowboys, signing a three-year contract to play for Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells in what promises to be an interesting combination of strong personalities.

“I’m a star among stars now,” a smiling Owens said.

There’s no questioning his talent — Owens has consistently put up numbers the Cowboys have lacked since Michael Irvin was in the prime of his career in the mid-1990s.

It’s his attitude that prompted the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles to get rid of Owens. His relationship with the Eagles soured only months after he led them to the Super Bowl, finally ending with his release March 14.

Owens referred to his past problems as “life-learning experiences.”

“I’m going to put those things behind me,” Owens said. “They can only make a man stronger, wiser. For me, that’s what it’s done. I’ll be a better teammate, a better person, a better man in life. I’m looking forward to this opportunity. I couldn’t be more excited to be here.”

Following up a question to Jones about Owens’ past, the receiver interjected: “Jerry, I know what’s expected of me. I won’t let you down.”

Jones didn’t immediately reveal any contract details, but it was likely to include behavior-related provisions. Owens’ blowup with Philadelphia last season even led to new rules regarding punishment being written into the NFL’s latest collective bargaining agreement.

“We can both disappoint each other in this agreement,” Jones said. “But this is no free lunch to the Dallas Cowboys. We made a commitment to him. That means something.”

Agent Drew Rosenhaus said seven teams pursued Owens, “but this was the only team for Terrell.”