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NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Dave Chappelle has signed a massive deal with Comedy Central that will return the comedian’s hit series to the network for two more seasons.

Sources familiar with the deal indicate it could be worth about $50 million, vaulting Chappelle, 30, into the rarefied realm of television’s top earners. The new contract is believed to mark not only a steep increase for Chappelle as star, writer, co-executive producer and co-creator of “Chappelle’s Show,” but more significantly, reward him with a hefty chunk of the series’ robust DVD sales.

Increasing the pressure on Comedy to close a megadeal with Chappelle was interest from other programers eager to tap his talents, including NBC Universal Television Group, according to sources, which ultimately deemed Chappelle too expensive. FX is said to have made an eight-figure offer to lure Chappelle to the network, but to no avail.

The deal also has implications beyond Comedy for Chappelle within the network’s parent company, Viacom, sources said. Another component sets up Chappelle with a multimillion-dollar deal at Paramount Pictures to star in an adaptation of the autobiography of Rick James, the funk veteran whom Chappelle has lampooned on “Chappelle’s Show.” He may also be tapped for a different film project.

In addition, the contract is said to establish a development deal for Chappelle’s production company, Pilot Boy Prods., with managing principal Mustafa Abuelhija. The pair already has a project under consideration at Comedy featuring “Chappelle’s Show” contributor Paul Mooney.

Also reaping the benefits of the deal was Chappelle’s longtime partner, Neal Brennan, a director, executive producer, co-creator and writer of the series. While terms of the deal for Brennan were not disclosed, it is one of the richest deals in basic cable for a multihyphenate.

“I knew we could continue at Comedy Central,” Brennan said. “We weren’t thinking of going anywhere else.”

Chappelle, who is vacationing in Paris, was not available for comment.

Now Im not one to say anything about someone taking steps to improve to in a quest to feel better about themselves. BUT this chick is going tooo far. I mean look at her face now. I knew she had gotten some titties implants but now her face looks swollen. Those knots that are supposed to be cheek bones look horrible, not to mention that new chin. Her plastic surgeon needs to be fired. Seems she may be going the route of “Wacko Jacko”… Is it self hate or a mental disorder?



This cat has been making waves in the entertainment arena for a little while now and has made a name for himself as a funny man and has even had some starting roles in movies. With all of the recent bullshit with rape charges being brought up against brothers I would think that someone in his shoes would protect himself and just stay out of situations like this. You have to realize that there are a lot of scandolous females out there just looking to make a quick buck and will do anything in their power to get paid – Meanwhile fucking your life up in the process. For his sake I hope this shit aint true. I mean buddy has got a wife and kids too… Not only could his career be over, but he could possibly loose his family too. Now thats fucked up.


Anderson, 33, and Wayne Witherspoon, 42, both of Los Angeles, California, were taken into custody Tuesday night after the woman reported the assault, said Steve Shular, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department public affairs officer.

Anderson was in Memphis shooting a movie titled “Hustle & Flow.” Witherspoon was working on the film’s crew.

Charges were filed against both men Wednesday afternoon. Shular said bond was expected to be set at $20,000 for each man.

They will be arraigned in General Sessions Court Thursday morning, according to Jennifer Donnals, communications director for the Shelby County district attorney’s office.

Shular said the crew had been shooting at the Shelby County Correctional Center, a “work farm” for jail inmates, and the assault allegedly occurred at the site after production ended Tuesday.

Shular said an extra told deputies that she was “lured into a production trailer” by Witherspoon. She told authorities that Anderson was already in the trailer and that both men sexually assaulted her, Shular said.

“Witnesses reported seeing the woman leave the trailer screaming and without her clothes,” Shular said.

The woman was taken to a hospital, but authorities would not say Wednesday if she had been released.

A spokesman for Anderson in Los Angeles released a brief statement Wednesday saying that the actor “absolutely denies the heinous charges that have been made against him.”

“Anthony is a happily married family man who has never been accused of — no less involved in — anything remotely like this, and we are confident that when all the facts come out, he will be completely exonerated,” the statement said.

Some trouble on the homefront for Russell Simmons.

The rap mogul’s wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, was arrested in Saddle River, New Jersey, Sunday night and charged with marijuana possession and reckless driving.

Simmons, 29, the dynamo designer of the Baby Phat fashion line and a fixture on America’s Next Top Model, was taken into police custody after she allegedly “made no attempt to stop” when officers spotted her driving with a faulty taillight.

Department spokesman Robert Breese says that officers finally caught up with Kimona when she arrived at the mansion she shares with her multimillionaire hubby.

A subsequent search of her vehicle turned up a small amount of pot and she was booked on possession of marijuana (less than 50 grams), careless driving, operating a vehicle while possessing a controlled substance, tailgating and having a taillight out.

Simmons, whose sultry naked bod graces a Times Square billboard, was handcuffed and taken to the station to be fingerprinted and have her mug shot taken.

The ex-model’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, who has represented such hip-hop superstars as Jay-Z and Shyne, defended her client in a statement today.

“It’s our perception that this is just another example of a prominent member of the hip hop community being made an example of,” Richman said. “The Simmons family is extremely involved in their community and this is an attempt to denigrate Kimora’s good name and that of her family. We deny any wrongdoing whatsoever.”

Russell Simmons brought his Hip-Hop Summit Action Network to the Democratic National Convention in Boston on Monday. About 2,000 people turned out as stars such as Wyclef Jean, Loon, Lloyd Banks and Bone Crusher urged them to register to vote.

The muzzled mouth of OutKast’s Andre 3000, who also was present at the Boston event, is adorning new public service ads by the nonpartisan group Declare Yourself, with the motto: “Only You Can Silence Yourself.” And Jadakiss, who raps about drug dealing, violence and other thuggery in his lyrics, is raising political issues in his new song “Why” and giving interviews about voting and getting the minimum wage raised.

“This is the collective conscious of hip-hop at work,” said hip-hop mogul Simmons, who over the past three years has enlisted superstars like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Eminem (news – web sites), Nelly and Ludacris as his group registered thousands of young black and Latino fans to vote.

“It’s a cultural snowball effect. We want people to feel like if you don’t vote you’re an idiot,” he told The Associated Press.

The idea of rap stars as political motivators may seem opposite the image projected by many of today’s rappers — a crowd that leans toward sex, violence, partying and the bling-bling lifestyle.

However, James Bernard, who organized the Hip-Hop Political Convention in Newark, N.J., earlier this year, points out rap’s long history of political muckraking, from KRS-One and Public Enemy in the mid-1980s to the current group dead prez.

Ludacris beef with T.I.

So Im listening to this track from a remix track from Young Buck today and it seems as though Ludacris had some words for the proclaimed “King of the South” T.I. This all stems from T.I. taking a slick shot at Ludacris in the song when he was going after Lil Flip for saying he was the King Of The South (Silly shit)

Check out the audio track: CLICK HERE

Ludacris’ verse is towards the end.

Yonkers rapper Jadakiss is busting up the charts with a song charging President Bush was a Sept. 11 conspirator.

“Why did Bush knock down the towers?” asks the song “Why?”, which comprises several dozen questions on subjects ranging from Kobe Bryant to the new $20 bills.

“Why?” jumped from No.33 to No.16 on the national Billboard charts last week, with a corresponding rise in controversy.

The conspiracy-theory Bush line is not seen in the video on MTV. The line also has been removed by many radio stations around the country, though both major hip-hop stations in New York play the full version and say they have heard no complaints.

“I didn’t even know there was an edited version,” said Tracy Cloherty, program director of WQHT-FM (97.1), which played “Why?” 54 times last week. “If [“Fahrenheit 9/11″ director] Michael Moore is entitled to his opinion, why not Jadakiss?”

“He’s just exercising his freedom of speech,” said Michael Saunders, program director of WWPR-FM (105.1), which played “Why?” 26 times. “There’s no reason to edit the line out.”

The 29-year-old Jadakiss took a shot last week at stations that do, saying, “They’re censoring me all over the place and that’s good. It means I’m reaching everybody.”

While Republicans and talk-radio hosts attacked the line, local music fans yesterday seemed largely unconcerned.

“His opinion is that of the ‘hood,” said Chuck Black, 24, who works at Ali CD’s on W. 125th St. “As far as us ‘black folks,’ we’re not offended by it.”

I logged on to XBC last night to play a little Halo and got matched up with some cats that were really good. I was killing and being killed. It was sick! I mean game after game the score was 50 to 48, or 50 to 49… We had to quit during CTF because no one could score! Shit that game would have gone on forever.

Anyways, one of the games a rare thing happened ‘A DRAW’

Check out the pic!

This was the first year I watched the BET awards and it was pretty good. I laughed at some points and was even embarassed for the people on stage at other times.

Monique & the other big girls tore it up with that dancing at the beginning.

Im Rick James BITCH had me laughing hard. It looked like Rick was high on some shit. Buddy looked bad. Teena or Tina Marie wasnt much better, baby girl if you gonna be on TV… work it out. That gut had more camera time than you did.

It was cool to see 80’s hiphop represented: Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh killed. Public Enemy (Flava looks like a base-head) McLyte was looking good too. I wish they had more female rappers up there. (Salt n Pepa or Roxanne or somebody)

Jay Z performance was weak. Kid Rock forgot the words and utterly made it worst.

Janet Jackson can do no wrong in my eyes, so… She did good.

G-Unit? Zzzzzzzz, boring ass mofos.

I wished Outkast had a better performance also, maybe they werent really into or something.

Alicia Keys: Tight

Kanye/Yolanda Adams: Tight

Mase: Still slow

Raven Simone: Got fat as hell…. Daaaayyyyyuuuuuuummmm!

Vivica: Looked good, she needs to chill on the surgery tho’ – Titties is enough, now she fucking with her nose.

Jackie Reed: Baby girl has the titties hanging out last night. I had no idea she was packing like that. Shits look heavy as fuck.

Great show overall, congrats to BET for doing the damn thang!

Here’s a complete list of winners from the 2004 BET Awards:

Video of the Year: OutKast, “Hey Ya!”

Group: OutKast

Male R&B Artist: Usher

Female R&B Artist: Beyonce

Male Hip-Hop Artist: Jay-Z

Female Hip-Hop Artist: Missy Elliott

Collaboration: Beyonce with Jay-Z, “Crazy in Love”

New Artist: Kanye West

Gospel Artist: Yolanda Adams

Actor: Denzel Washington

Actress: Halle Berry

Male Athlete of the Year: LeBron James

Female Athlete of the Year: Serena Williams

Viewer’s Choice: Usher, featuring Ludacris and Lil Jon, “Yeah!”

White Chicks

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After messing up a major drug bust in New York City, two African American FBI agents (who are also brothers), Marcus and Kevin Copeland (Shawn and Marlon Wayans), try to impress their boss by volunteering to protect the Wilton Sisters, Tiffany (Dudek) and Brittany (Ward), the heiresses of a hotel empire, from a kidnapping scheme during a short trip from JFK to the Hamptons. Deciding to change the strategy drastically, the brothers use themselves as bait, wearing lots of pale makeup and dresses to pass as the Wilton sisters, while the real sisters are hidden away, safe from harm. Now, the agents just have to convince the world (including their coworkers who are now protecting *them* and the Wiltons’ friends and family) that they’re actually young, rich, white heiresses.

Congrats to the Wayans, their movie was #2 in the box office. It pulled in $27+ Million so far.

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