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Black Street Booty

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Yes sir!!!!

Finally Dawg Films has released a new video showing off all the wild shit that happens during Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach. Just looking at the preview, I am hyped!! If you haven’t seen Volume One, I suggest you get both of them. Call over your buddies and make it a party. They should have called it “Black Hoes Gone Wild“!

Black Girl Groped In The Street

See the whole movie here!!

Black Amateurs

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Black Amateurs

If you are anything like me then you get tired of seeing the same ‘ol porn hoes getting fucked in every movie. I want to see everyday black hoodrats and black college girls sucking dick and shaking their asses. I went out on a mission to find pretty black girls to do just that! You would be surprised how many females want to show their freaky side to the world. About 10 years ago I started SynC’s Black Amateurs to show off some of the fine black ass from the dirty south. Most of my girls have never been seen on the internet before. All fresh booty. There are of few of them that went on to do more porn on other websites though.

* Picture of Delicious from SynC’s.

Homemade Black Porn

Homemade or homegrown means the same thing. Its porn made by amateurs for the love of showing off instead of profit. The best homegrown comes from places like Facebook or YouTube. Sites like these are breeding grounds for exhibitionist and freaks. All women like showing off. All women like attention (no matter what they say). The easiest way for a woman to get a gang of dudes lusting after her is taking a half naked picture of herself and posting it on the internet. That is what makes the web so great. You’d be lucky if you ever saw a black woman waking naked down the street, but on the internet it happens every day. These hoes aren’t satisfied with local dudes wanting to fuck them – They want the world!! I will admit, most of the females doing this are not 30+, they are college aged teens.

Black Amateur DVDs


Who am I? I go by “The Dawg”. What do I do? I make black amateur porn movies. My website for these flicks is Dawg Films.Com. I spend most of my time visiting black spring break events. Chasing hoes around with my camera getting them to flash their black tits, pussy and ass. How do I get these random hoes to show me their shit? Its all in the way I talk to them. Well that and my irresistible swag.

Black Spring Break DVDs

See More At Dawg Films.

Black Spring Break a/k/a Black College Reunion

Count yourself lucky if you are old enough to have experienced the rawness, the wildness, the shear scope of the ass tsunami that is Black College Reunion. A massive sea of black college kids swarmed onto the sandy shores of Daytona Beach, FL to conduct some major fornication. Yes, thats right it was a huge titty flashing, groping sex fest and I enjoyed ever minute of it. I met girls from all over the country and some even from over seas. It was fun to ask a female “Where you from?” She would say “Texas”, then I would proceed to grab on some Texas ass. “Mmmm, now I’ve felt on some Longhorn state ass.” They would laugh and then keep it moving. The girls came to have fun and showed it in every possible way. You would not believe the amount of free loose pussy that came to BCR. 10 years of vanglorious ( I see you Bone Crusher ), live and direct black girls gone wild shit. Today, things have become too damn P.C. and the girls dont get as wild as they used to. The only event that has some fire these days is Urban Beach Week in Miami. I attend and I get new quality ass every year.

Black Spring Break Pictures

Watch wild videos of past spring breaks at Black Spring Break Videos.

Black College Reunion Pictures

Black Spring Break On DVD!

Caribbean Pussy


Hairy Caribbean Pussy


Like girls from Jamaica, Haitian, Dominican Republic? Well you are in luck, the guys over at Rico’s world hop from island to island fucking getting some uncut Caribbean pum pum. Most of the women you will see on this site are not what some would consider the “model type” but for those who know what makes a real woman – You will love it. Just think, you know what happens during Carnival in Trinidad! Those beautiful women wearing carnival costumes have me drooling all the time! Use this site to figure out what islands you want to visit during vacation. What Caribbean island has the sexiest and most horny women? I would have to say its a toss up between Jamaica and St. Lucia. I fucked a St. Vincent, but she couldn’t hang with me. Complaining about how she was “close built”.

Here are a few pictures of hairy girls from the Caribbean

Hairy Caribbean PussyHairy Caribbean Pussy
Hairy Jamaican Pussy
Hairy Jamaican Pussy
Hairy Black Pussy
Hairy Black Pussy
Hairy Island PussyHairy Island Pussy
Jamaican XXX
Jamaican XXX
Very Hairy Black Pussy
Very Hairy Black Pussy

For more island pussy visit Rico’s World

Jamaican Pussy

Here is some content I know a lot about, Jamaican girls! I’ve had so many of them over the years and they are great fucks. The video above is of Empress. She is a real freak. I did not have to coach her during her scenes. Everything she did was on her own. She did a guy and then a few days later she did a 3-way fuck with another island girl named Genuwine.

African Pussy

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I have never got a chance to fuck an African woman, mainly because I have never met many. I heard that there are a lot of pretty Ethiopian and Nigerian girls in Washington D.C.. I know Lola Monroe a/ka/ Angel Lola Luv is from Ethiopia and that girl is an ass lover’s dream. The most recent site released that is full of African pussy is African Fuck Tour. This site is a documentation of the travels of a white guy who traveled throughout Africa fucking various black women.

Today’s African Pussy Galleries – Updated Daily

African Webcam Girls

Although I plan on visiting African one day, Im not in a position to do it right now. So, the closest I can get to some sweet African pussy is on the internet. There is not a day that goes by that I spend time looking at black webcam girls stripping. If you look at the profiles of the girls you will see a lot of them are from Africa. Places like Zambia, Kenya and Ghana. One thing you will notice is that these girls are housed in some sort of webcam house. You will see the girls talking to people off camera and also hear other models performing (or moaning) in the background. That might be a nice place to visit. Walking through a house full of women buck naked, ramming dildos up their asses… LOL. Yea, that would be a sight to see. Until I can make it over to the Motherland, I guess I’ll stick with Caribbean pussy.


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The word is in from Dawg Films, the Memorial Day Miami ( a/k/a Urban Beach Week ) series will have another installment. Memorial Day Miami Volume Two DVD is in production. I’m happy to say the Kings of Black Spring Break Videos have came through for us again!

Here is a quick teaser trailer released by Dawg Films today. Make sure you bookmark Dawg Films and signup for the newsletter to get notified when the DVD is released.

If you have ever been to a black spring break event, then you have seen ample amounts of ass in the streets. The outfits these girls wear would get them arrested any other time of the year. I’ve seen seen some girls wearing panties as shorts. Others wearing cut off jean shorts with no panties underneath them. Yes, this is my favorite time of the year and its right around the corner again. Urban Beach Week is the place where the freaks and exhibitionists come to play. Of course there are escorts and other working girls (strippers) mixed in looking for dudes who want to trick off too. There are critics of these events who frown on the amount of “thirsty” guys groping the women, but I’m not one of them. Why do you think these girls are walking around half naked in the first place? It’s definitely not to get a tan. They are looking for attention. 9 out of 10 times the girls are ok with the ogling and fondling. However, In every group there is always a cock blocking female who get mad because her friends are getting hollered at and she isn’t. She is jealous, hateful and sometimes violent. This female is equivalent to the Honda Ridgeline. Somebody, somewhere may like it, but most people wont give it a second look.

The crew over at Dawg Films will be on South Beach filming the Urban Beach Week 2012 action during Memorial Day Weekend. If you like Black Candid Videos, check it out – the DVDs are off the hook!

Jamaican XXX











Bike Week Booty

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Have you ever been to Black Bike Week held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolona? Well, just to give you a taste of what goes on during this event. Here is a promo video from Dawg Films. Plenty of girls in booty shorts on the back of motorcycles… with their cheeks hanging out. Watch and enjoy.

See more video previews at Dawg Films and Follow on twitter @dawgfilms

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