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Caribbean Pussy


Hairy Caribbean Pussy


Like girls from Jamaica, Haitian, Dominican Republic? Well you are in luck, the guys over at Rico’s world hop from island to island fucking getting some uncut Caribbean pum pum. Most of the women you will see on this site are not what some would consider the “model type” but for those who know what makes a real woman – You will love it. Just think, you know what happens during Carnival in Trinidad! Those beautiful women wearing carnival costumes have me drooling all the time! Use this site to figure out what islands you want to visit during vacation. What Caribbean island has the sexiest and most horny women? I would have to say its a toss up between Jamaica and St. Lucia. I fucked a St. Vincent, but she couldn’t hang with me. Complaining about how she was “close built”.

Here are a few pictures of hairy girls from the Caribbean

Hairy Caribbean PussyHairy Caribbean Pussy
Hairy Jamaican Pussy
Hairy Jamaican Pussy
Hairy Black Pussy
Hairy Black Pussy
Hairy Island PussyHairy Island Pussy
Jamaican XXX
Jamaican XXX
Very Hairy Black Pussy
Very Hairy Black Pussy

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Jamaican Pussy

Here is some content I know a lot about, Jamaican girls! I’ve had so many of them over the years and they are great fucks. The video above is of Empress. She is a real freak. I did not have to coach her during her scenes. Everything she did was on her own. She did a guy and then a few days later she did a 3-way fuck with another island girl named Genuwine.

Hairy Caribbean Pussy

Ok, now Im going to throw something at you that Im not sure you are interested in catching but hey for those who like their pussy RAW… I think this is as raw as it can get. These are females from a site called Rico’s World and they are from islands all over the Caribbean. So if you like pussy from Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and other islands this is your site. I mean these females are as natural as they come. Fuck a razor… The female in picture #4 has some nice titties.

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Hairy Pussy

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Hairy Black Pussy

Some guys like shaved black pussy, but I like it with a little bit of hair on it. That fur feels nice when you are rubbing up against it. The only real downside to a hairy bush is that you can not see how phat and plump her pussy lips are. Thats one of my favorite visuals. Have you ever seen Marie Luv’s Pussy? I’m a sucker for a meaty pussy.

Hairy Pussy Girls

Hairy Black Girl 1
Hairy Black Girl 2
Hairy Black Girl 3
Hairy Black Girl 4
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Hairy Amateur Pussy

I’m really not into surprises, but when it comes to getting a new piece of ass naked, I have no choice. Everything is going well, had a nice dinner, movie was decent and now its time to get in her panties. So she starts to strip down and hopefully she is wearing something sexy underneath. I love a sexy black girl in lingerie. Panties drop and its either going to be a jungle, short bush, landing strip, peach fuzz or bald. Hell, if I’m feeling her I don’t care whats going on down there unless its some ‘ol Hairy Harley extremely hairy black pussy going on. That my friend, would be a deal breaker. If that shit is woolier than a mammoth then I’m headed for the door. There no telling whats lurking in that forest.

Hairy Black Amateur
Hairy Black Amateur2
Hairy Black Amateur3
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Hairy Black Girls from the Caribbean Islands

Rico's World

Hairy Black Girl 1
Hairy Black Girl 1
Hairy Black Girl 1
Pictures courtesy of Rico’s World

African Pussy

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I have never got a chance to fuck an African woman, mainly because I have never met many. I heard that there are a lot of pretty Ethiopian and Nigerian girls in Washington D.C.. I know Lola Monroe a/ka/ Angel Lola Luv is from Ethiopia and that girl is an ass lover’s dream. The most recent site released that is full of African pussy is African Fuck Tour. This site is a documentation of the travels of a white guy who traveled throughout Africa fucking various black women.

Today’s African Pussy Galleries – Updated Daily

African Webcam Girls

Although I plan on visiting African one day, Im not in a position to do it right now. So, the closest I can get to some sweet African pussy is on the internet. There is not a day that goes by that I spend time looking at black webcam girls stripping. If you look at the profiles of the girls you will see a lot of them are from Africa. Places like Zambia, Kenya and Ghana. One thing you will notice is that these girls are housed in some sort of webcam house. You will see the girls talking to people off camera and also hear other models performing (or moaning) in the background. That might be a nice place to visit. Walking through a house full of women buck naked, ramming dildos up their asses… LOL. Yea, that would be a sight to see. Until I can make it over to the Motherland, I guess I’ll stick with Caribbean pussy.

Our favorite female athlete has graced us with more pictures of her phat booty. One of the few who knows what she is holding and isn’t afraid to let us have a peek. I’m loving the scenery too, I could go for a nice Caribbean vacation right about now.

Sidenote: I have been studying a few things over the past three months – That is the reason the updates stopped for a while.

Black Amateur Pussy

Black Amateur Pussy

Black Amateur Pussy

Black Amateur Pussy

Black Amateur Pussy

Black Amateur Pussy

I am really excited about some of my new projects on tap for 2010. Of course I can’t say much un til they launch, but you will love them! This update is about black amateur pussy. Yeah, pornstars are nice, but I like seeing fresh faces, black girl next door types. Meet Sahara, one of my island girls. If you haven’t sampled some Caribbean pussy before, make sure you add it to your to-do list. Island girls tend to be a little crazy, but their sex drives and freaky nature makes up for it.

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Rico’s World

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Raw and uncut amateur porn. Rico patrol the Caribbean islands looking for Latina girls to fuck. These girls look like they were not expecting to be filmed at all. Most have a huge hairy bush on their pussy and hair under their arms. Those who love natural women will be in heaven. The scenes are shot where ever he finds a spot (No studio filming here!). There are some things that may be a turnoff such as the guy spitting in the girl’s face and the guy getting his salad tossed constantly. The video quality isn’t the best and could be due to the poor areas he films in – Probably doesn’t want to get robbed. Its a mixed bag… you will either love it and hate it.

Black Porno Gives This Site: 3 out of 5 stars

Pornstar America


Its almost time for Turkey people. Until then check out this female America. She looks like she is mixed with some type of Indian to me, so she may be from the Caribbean. She has a nice flawless body, shaved pussy and a deepthroat. Its especially sexy the way she takes nut to the face then wipes in off and eats it. Yea baby, I gots next.

Whitney Houston, who checked into a rehab center on March 23 and was released late last month, is due to begin recording a new studio album next week, says her producer, Clive Davis.

The veteran music mogul tells TV’s Access Hollywood that Houston, 41, will be finishing an album that she had previously started.

This visit to rehab was the second time the singer had sought treatment in just over a year. In March 2004, Houston entered a facility for substance abuse – only to check out just five days later to begin private care.

According to a source close to the troubled diva, it was her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, who petitioned a Georgia court to order her famous daughter to seek help in a rehab facility this year, PEOPLE reported.

Whitney eventually entered the Crossroads treatment center (founded by musician Eric Clapton) in Antigua, West Indies, leaving in late April after almost a month. She rejoined the family in an undisclosed Caribbean spot, an insider told PEOPLE.

Her rep confirmed that Houston is “entering the second phase of her treatment.” Cissy’s rep had no comment.

Meanwhile, plans for a reality show featuring Houston’s husband of 13 years, Bobby Brown, moved forward with the announcement that eight 30-minute episodes of Being Bobby Brown will air on Bravo starting June 30. The cable network promises that “the series will demystify Brown’s relationships with Houston” and their daughter Bobbi Kristina, among other things.

“It’s so amazing, if I can use that word,” Joyce told The Associated Press while grinning and giggling at the CBS season finale party.

Uchenna, 40, and Joyce, 44, from Houston, lugged boats in London, balanced water jugs on their heads in Africa and weighed complete strangers in Turkey — among other silly and strenuous tasks — in order to reach the finish line. Unlike previous seasons of “Amazing Race,” the racers didn’t travel around the globe, instead they semi-circled from Long Beach, California, through South America, Africa, India, Europe and the Caribbean to their final destination in Miami.

Because the Agus arrived last during a non-elimination leg before the home stretch, the couple was stripped of all their belongings and cash per the reality show’s nefarious rules. The Agus begged their way to the finish line but didn’t have enough money to pay their cab driver. Although they were only steps away the finish line and the $1 million prize, the Agus continued to beg from nearby strangers until they paid their cab fare.

“It was all about honor,” said Uchenna. “That cab driver was going to get his money.”

During an earlier stretch of the race in Jodhpur, India, Joyce agreed to shave her head as part of a Fast Forward challenge, allowing the Agus to skip to end of the leg. Uchenna cites that bold “sacrifice” as one of the turning points in the race.

“Once you shave it off, you have nothing to hide behind,” said Joyce. “People can actually see your soul. It’s so bizarre. I’m glad I did it.”

Much of the seventh season of “Amazing Race” was dominated by recently wed former “Survivor” contestants Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, 29, and Amber Brkich, 26, who placed second in the race. Dating couple Ron Young, 28, from Villa Rica, Georgia, and Kelly McCorkle, 26, from Greenville, South Carolina, placed third.

“We thought they were regular people like us,” said Joyce of Mariano and Brkich. “Really, it was an eye-opening experience when we got on the race and saw that their notoriety was so amazing and people all over the world recognized them. We tried to ignore all that and do our own race just to spite what was happening with them and obviously it still paid off.”

Uchenna, an energy broker who once worked for Enron, and Joyce, a sales manager who once worked for WorldCom, plan to use their earnings for “bills, bills, bills” and to take their family on their own amazing trip. The Agus, who’ve tried unsuccessfully to have a child in the past, also said they would use their $1 million prize toward a baby.

“My doctors offered us a free round of in vitro (fertilization),” said Joyce. “So after all this is over, if it doesn’t work out, we have the money. We can adopt.”

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