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The sextape that is supposed to have Fantasia Barrino in it is not legit.  The girl in this tape doesnt look like her… Just to put this rumor to bed.

Here are the pics of the ‘other girl’.

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On Tuesday night, Simon Cowell all but declared Fantasia Barrino the next American Idol. On Wednesday night, the votes of busy-signal-braving viewers made it official.

Barrino, a 19-year-old single mother from High Point, North Carolina, with a voice touched by Macy Gray, emerged as the last diva standing on Fox’s made-for-TV superstar factory, based for the evening at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California.

Yeaaa, Jump for joy. Im happy! ( Can you taste the sarcasm? )

The American Idol show was rigged. When they voted the other black girl off “the pretty one” dont know her name. The outrage from the public was tremendous. They knew they had to correct it by making sure the other black girl won. I knew it already. You could look at the faces of the 3 judges – they even lost interest in that crap. The last 3 black girls were better than the others still standing. On the real, Im glad for Fantasia, I hope she does well in the future.

You get a look at those lips? What do they make you think about? Ah yea, suck it girl. Haha…

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